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Ban Appeal Form

Welcome, please copy and paste the form below into a post to begin your ban appeal. We look forward to considering your appeal and will get back to you shortly. A ban appeal should include the following:


Reason for ban:

Term of ban:

Staff member banned by:

Why you should be unbanned:

Additional notes (if any):

over 4 years ago
Ban Report Form

Welcome staff members of FallenFlare, and congratulations on joining our team. We are very dedicated to our player base and because of this, we want to ensure players are not unjustly banned. Please fill out the form below for each player that you issue a permanent ban to so that we may better understand the circumstances when someone wishes to appeal their ban. Ban reports should include:

Staff username: 

Player banned: 

Reason banned:

Evidence (link to screenshot or video): 


over 4 years ago
Suggestion Form

Hello FallenFlare players. We love to hear what the playerbase wants and we would like to ask for any suggestions that you may have. In order to create a better communication between the two sides of staff and playerbase, this form below is quite helpful. If you would like to help with this goal, please fill out the optional form below with as much information on your suggestion as possible. Official responses will be sent through the forum. 

Username (for contact):


Plugin (if applicable):

Reason you want to see this change:

Any additional way(s) to get in contact for more information:


over 4 years ago
Report Bug Form

Hello FallenFlare players, we take server issues and bugs very seriously. Because of this, we would like to have your help in fixing the bugs that you come across while playing the server. Some information will help us tremendously in figuring out what issues we should look into first, and how we will able to effiecently and safely roll out the fixes. This form is completely optional, but very helpful to us fixing issues so we are very thankful for those who submit them.

Link to video or screenshot of bug (if applicable):

Description of bug or issue:

Any details of what was happening when bug occurred that could help:

Time of bug (to view console):


over 4 years ago
Staff Application Form

Hello FallenFlare players, below is the format to fill out to be considered for staff. Filling this form out does not gaurentee a staff position right away, or at all, but it does ensure that it will be looked at by staff and that you will be considered for such roles. You may copy and paste the form below and fill it out for your application. Please be aware that applications are seen by staff members as well as other players. Furthermore, asking a staff member to review your application may harm your chances, and it is best to give the application time to be reviewed.

Minecraft username: 

Time played on server (in days and hours):

Times available to be online:

Reason for applying:

Discord username:

Why you want to be staff: 

What you can offer to the players and fellow staff: 


Previous experience(s) as staff:

Reasons for previous bans, if any (put N/A if none):


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