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In addition to the following server rules, players must abide by the Minecraft Community Standards.

Server Rules (WIP)*

  1. Rules are subject to change over time, and staff has the final say.
  2. Do not grief player structures or the Minecraft world.
  3. Do not spam or harass players.
  4. Do not advertise other servers.
  5. Do not ask staff for special permissions or items.
  6. Do not use external mods or hacks other than those approved by staff (link to the list of approved mods such as optifine).
  7. No use of external software that logs you in as a player, such as Minechat.
  8. Do not AFK.
  9. Do not abuse any permissions or perks given to you.
  10. Use English in the general chat.
  11. Be respectful to other players and staff members.
  12. No account sharing; each account will be treated as a separate individual.

* All rules are subject to change.