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Staff Application Form
Started by bairbros

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12 Jan 2019
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09 Jul 2019

Hello FallenFlare players, below is the format to fill out to be considered for staff. Filling this form out does not gaurentee a staff position right away, or at all, but it does ensure that it will be looked at by staff and that you will be considered for such roles. You may copy and paste the form below and fill it out for your application. Please be aware that applications are seen by staff members as well as other players. Furthermore, asking a staff member to review your application may harm your chances, and it is best to give the application time to be reviewed.

Minecraft username: 

Time played on server (in days and hours):

Times available to be online:

Reason for applying:

Discord username:

Why you want to be staff: 

What you can offer to the players and fellow staff: 


Previous experience(s) as staff:

Reasons for previous bans, if any (put N/A if none):


bairbros · over 4 years ago